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Heart Disease Articles

Eliminate This Everyday Food and Watch How This Lowers Your Blood Pressure

New research shows that consuming too much of this common food is associated with a 77% greater risk of high blood pressure. Making this simple change in what you eat each day not only promises...

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How Metabolic Therapies Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases

02 Dec 2017 | 231,827 Views

They've said for years that the cause was unknown. So imagine their surprise when they discovered something totally different. It's actually responsive to various therapies related to this pivotal therapy. And you owe it to yourself and your brain to get in on this fast.

Study Proves Sugar Is Responsible for Remarkable Rate of Disease

01 Nov 2017 | 58,035 Views

Excessive amounts of sugar are dangerous and addictive. Recent research shows sugar feeds diseased cells, helping them to grow and multiply quickly, supporting the theory that it is a metabolic disease and not a genetic problem. I'll give you strategies to support your treatment if you already have the disease.

Common Pain Relievers Are Causing Heart Attacks

24 May 2017 | 47,329 Views

Many consider nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs innocuous as they are available over-the-counter. Yet these drugs are associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Fortunately, there are many ways to address pain without significant side effects.

How Does Air Pollution Attack Your Heart?

10 May 2017 | 23,929 Views

Nearly 92 percent of the world is breathing polluted air, responsible for rising rates of heart damage. Recent research has identified the mechanism by which this damage occurs. While the number of pollutants is large, I'll give you specific strategies to reduce your health risk.

How to Save a Life

18 Mar 2017 | 47,116 Views

The British Heart Foundation found embarrassment may stop 6 out of every 10 people from performing CPR. However, bystander CPR may save lives when initiated early. Everyone can learn CPR and this strategy makes it easy to remember.

Just Two Weeks of Drinking Sugary Drinks Increases Risk of Heart Disease

06 May 2015 | 76,868 Views

Eliminating sugary drinks from your diet may not only help you lose weight, but may protect your heart health as well.

Gut Bacteria and Fat Cells May Interact to Produce “Perfect Storm” of Inflammation That Promotes Diabetes and Other Chronic Disease

05 Jun 2014 | 1,440,259 Views

Seems too simple to be true, but this is a serious indicator of your health and potentially your lifespan. It can be an early indicator of upcoming heart disease, stroke, and death. So ignore it at your own risk...

One in Three Deaths from Cardiovascular Disease is Preventable

07 Apr 2014 | 357,152 Views

One of the biggest travesties of our day is this misconception that purports to decrease heart risk, while actually accomplishing the opposite. Compelling research suggests this deficiency could end up taking your life. Yet most doctors ignore it...

Heart of the Matter—How We Got So Far Down the Wrong Track in Our Efforts to Prevent Heart Disease

07 Dec 2013 | 338,572 Views

It's got millions swapping key natural foods for its harmful 'cousins' and piles of sugar. Linked to 96,000 premature deaths, it's a boon for two industries... and a disaster for your heart. Shouldn't you 'switch back' today for a heart-healthy tomorrow?

Chemicals in Heart Stress Tests Can Actually Trigger Heart Attacks

04 Dec 2013 | 213,815 Views

Having either of these two chemical stress test drugs injected into your body could bring on a potentially fatal heart attack.


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